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Being Coorie is more than simply being cosy.  Its being in tune with our surroundings to evoke that feeling.

Be Coorie Home Decor. Inspired by Scotland. Lifestyle products and antiques

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'Approved by Be Coorie' products  - won't be found on the high street or on mass in large stores. They have all been hand selected to ensure they are exclusive and distinct.  All items are chosen for their high standard and quality.

Interior products - As much as possible, new products are made in and around our village of Comrie in Perthshire or in Scotland.

Their purpose to create a cosy, inviting and warm environment. A room that makes you want to snuggle in and embrace the Scottish Lifestyle.

Most of the interior items are one offs or finds from a career of searching and collecting and some are made by local crafts people.

From antiques, furniture, light fittings, bizarre ornaments, antlers and luxurious hides.

Lifestyle Accessories - We also stock an increasing selection of shooting and fishing bags and home accessories  (jewellery/clothing coming soon)

Be Coorie Candles  - Comforting scents. Musky, woody and sweet to evoke that 'coorie' feeling.

Be Coorie Soaps - made locally and all natural ingredients. 

All Be Coorie branded products are made in Scotland, UK or are Fair trade. interior decoration home decor

Be Coorie....Living in a way to enjoy and embrace Scotland

Scotland has always been my home and since opening the new shop, people as me what does it mean??  Well to me its not just creating a cosy inviting home, but also to appreciate and embrace the lifestyle choice we make when we love here. interior decoration accessories home decor

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